Transforming Glass into Art.

Kristine has been handcrafting sculptural glass accessories since 1994. What started out as a hobby in photography soon began to explode with light, colour, line and detail as Kristine began to throw out tradition and take the road less travelled. Using the slumping technique
results in an appearance distinct from blown glass. The product is simultaneously transluscent and textured with a unique surface that retains the imprint of the hands that shaped the mold.
Every piece of Kristine Daniels carries her signature guaranteeing authenticity.

Art Glass accessory by Kristine Daniels is HAND CRAFTED.

Because human hands created each accessory, each piece varies slightly in finish, size and detail. We trust that this handmade art glass will compliment your lifestyle. To keep your purchase in it's original state of craftsmanship, take care of your art glass by using a damp cloth and no cleaning agents.

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